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Quality Certification

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◎ Quality Certification


◎ Chemical Test Index

Smudge resistance and boiling water resistance of products are both higher than those of similar products sold in markets.

We can supply special products according to dyeing-finishing requirements of different customers.

Ironing  110°C,15seconds.
Dry heat  100°C,60seconds.
Acid Treatment

 P.H.=4.5, 0.1%acetic acid,60°C,30minutes.2% oxalic acid,60°C,10minutes

Boiling Water  100°C,20minutes.
Water-washing  0.5%soapy water 0.2%sodium carbonate 60°C,30minutes.
Rubbing  200g,100times
Dry-cleaning  Trichloroethylene perchlorethylene benzine25°C,30minutes.
Vapor  95°C,10minutes.
Scouring (suitable for nylons, tetoron,rayon yarns, acetic acid fiber, cotton, etc.)  soda powder ,1gram/liter 60°C,30 minutes


Test results and data in the table above may be different due to different test methods, if detailed test results are needed, we advise you to try the products first.